This side is dedicated to the ecumenical movement. It should connect all churches in the celtic christian tradition worldwide, exspecially those, who are willing to work with our church (the CCIG) in the ecumenic community.

If you're a priest or a laity of a celtic community, please contact your given leaders / bishop and give him the link to this side for participating on our idea.

We're sppreciate new churchs and contacts - without any fee or costs. If you need to show your link to this side into our churches menu, so please write us an email!
Tell us about your church and leave us your url to your own church site.  Please left also as a good sign and a benefit a backlink on your own homepage, so we all will meet other interessed people after adding your side. Thank you!

This side will be ever in construction - if you will work on this side, so leave an email also.


Latha beannaichte (blessed day!)

If you found someting wrong or otherwise disturbing, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See our Imprint and our policy for further questions also (only available in german, sorry)

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